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C Programming Assignment 7 | Complete Solution
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C Programming Assignment 7

For Loops

For each of the programs assigned below, submit the following:

  • Hard copy of the source code.
  • Hard copy of sample executions (black or, preferably, white screen). 

Copy of the source code (.c ) saved as an electronic attachment to C Assignment 7 located in Oncourse under Assignments. 


Observe the usual guidelines regarding the initial comment section, indenting, and so on.  In addition,

  • In if-else statements, indent statements to be executed for if or else condition three spaces.  Align else or else if with corresponding if.
  • Indent statements within loops.  Indent nested loops.


1.   Write a program to find the approximation of ln(2) using the following formula for m+1 terms:

                            where n = 0, 1, 2, … m


Prompt the user to enter the number of terms (between 10 and 50 inclusive) to be used in the approximation.  Use a while validation loop to assure that the number of terms is in the proper range.  Use a for loop to calculate each term in the sum and while doing so, to print a table.  Each line of the table should include the term (value of n) number, the value of the term added to the sum at that iteration accurate to 5 decimal digits, and the value of the sum at that iteration also printed with 5 decimal digits.  If there are 20 terms, they will be numbered 0 through 19.  Use doubles for the term and sum approximation values.  At the end of the program print the final value of the sum and also the actual value of ln(2) from the C library using 5 decimal digits. 


2.  Write a program to calculate the factorial of a number.  The factorial n! of a positive number (integer) is defined by n! = n*(n-1)*(n-2)*…*3*2*1, where 0! = 1.


In function main prompt the user for a non-negative integer less than 20 for which the factorial is to be found.  Use a while validation loop to assure the number entered is in the proper range.  Then call a function to calculate the factorial.  The input to the function is the integer n and the return value is n factorial.  Use data type double for the factorial.  In the function use a for loop to calculate the factorial.  Make provision for the situation in which n = 0.  Return the value of n factorial to function main and print.  Test with n = 14. 

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C Programming Assignment 7 | Complete Solution
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#include #include int main(void) { //Dec...
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