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Business Statistics Statistical Tables and Graphs project | Complete solution
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Individual Paper Due:      October 29, 2015

Project Goals
Each team member will be expected to examine exports sent from different regions (Pacific, Mountain, New England, etc.) in the U.S., in terms of total volume for a specific year.  For example:  Bob, Harry, and Frank are on a team.   They are assigned to examine 2012 exports with Bob looking at the Pacific Region, Harry looking at the Mountain Region, and Frank looking at the New England Region.
Each member is expected to turn in their own individual paper then the group will develop a team presentation using information from these papers plus looking at the overall data.
Guidelines for the Individual Paper
Cover Page
•    Title of your project
•    Your name
•    Course name, number and section
•    Your instructor’s name
•    7-12 pages (including cover page)
•    Number your pages
•    Times New Romans, 12, is to be used as the font
•    One inch margin on all sides of the paper
•    Double-spaced
•    Number your tables (Table 1, 2, etc.)
•    Number your graphs (Figure 1, 2, etc.)
•    Objective – what is the goal of the project?
•    What is the data focused on?  Explain in a paragraph.
•    Where does the data come from?  Explain in a paragraph.
•    What type of data is the volume of exports?
o    Quantitative vs Qualitative – Explain why
o    Level of measurement
o    Sample vs. Population
Graphic Presentation for the volume of exports
•    Explain what a frequency distribution is.
•    How to establish a frequency distribution and what each column means.
o    How is the number of classes and the class interval determined? Give an example.
•    Provide a sample calculation for relative frequency and cumulative frequency.
•    Frequency distribution
o    Class
o    Frequency
o    Relative Frequency (two decimal places)
o    Cumulative Frequency

Class    Frequency    Relative Frequency    Cumulative Frequency

•    What do you notice about the frequency distributions?

•    What is a histogram?
•    How is a histogram created?
•    Histogram
o    Title/caption
o    Vertical scale and title
o    Horizontal scale and title
•    Any outliers in the data?
Numerical Measures
•    Calculate the mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, and Pearson’s coefficient of skewness for the volume of exports.
o    For each, explain how each is calculated and what the results mean.
•    Use the above measures to draw a box plot.  Explain the purpose of a box plot.
•    Are the distributions symmetric, positively skewed, or negatively skewed?
Discussion and Conclusion
•    Summarize any interesting information revealed by the graphics.
o    Be specific, explain about where most of the exports go to, and does it match your expectations about what you know regarding the product?
•    What did you learn about volume of exports sent from the U.S.?

Work Cited
•    At least two sources (and not Wikipedia)
•    Should use some quotes and be cited appropriately according to APA guidelines
Data location
•    Data for each year from the following website
o    TradeStat Express

•    For regions, focus on the following:
o    Pacific Region
o    Only 2013- 2013
Team Presentation Project Goals
To present your analysis about volume and type of exports. Your presentation should contain the following:
•    Time limit – 25 minutes
•    Prepare your PowerPoint before your presentation.
•    Introduce yourself (your names and your course name).
•    Explain the purpose of the project
•    Describe the data and show each table/graph
o    Include a bar/pie graph comparing the volume of exports by region
o    For each region, list the top 10 countries that the U.S. region exports to.
•    Describe the numerical measures
•    Summarize your findings


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