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Assignment (Chapter 13) | Complete Solution
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Assignment (Chapter 13)
a.    You will work on this assignment in groups of two people.
b.     The statistical package Minitab MUST be used to do the assignment.
c.    Include the Minitab outputs of your statistical analysis in each question to receive full credit.
d.    Due day: 10/28/2015 (Read late submission of assignments course policy in the Syllabus)

1.    Suppose the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would like to investigate the impact that octane has on gas mileage. The following table shows the gas mileage for six cars that were driven 1,000 miles with three different grades of gasoline: 87, 89, and 93 octane. The gas mileage was recorded for each octane level. Each car was tested with all three gasoline grades. The results are shown in the following table.

Car    87 Octane    89 Octane    93 Octane
Maxima    22.6    23.3    23.0
Focus    28.0    31.0    30.1
Accord    21.5    23.0    22.5
Sonata    27.5    29.1    28.5
Camry    24.1    27.7    26.0
Jetta    30.0    32.0    30.7



a.    Identify the factor.
b.    List the levels of the factor.
c.    List the blocks.
d.    Identify the response variable.
e.    Check the assumptions and explain your findings.
f.    Identify the set of null and alternative hypotheses to be examined.
g.    Using a level of significance of 5%, does the octane level appear to have an effect on the gas mileage?


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Assignment (Chapter 13) | Complete Solution
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a. Identify the factor. Octane b. List the levels of the factor. There are three leve...
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