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Discuss Empowerment and Empowerment Theory | Complete Solution
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Question 1

Watch Why to Believe in Others and in 250 – 300 words, supporting your comments with scholarly references,
• Discuss Empowerment and Empowerment Theory, The Strengths Perspective, and Resiliency and why this focus is a vital concept in the Generalist Practice. 
• Discuss how the understanding of this focus intersects with working with diverse groups and populations, particularly those who are oppressed.
• How can a focus on strengths enable an individual, group or other system to cope with adversity and survive? 

Question 2
Of all the theories (field, social exchange, learning psychoanalytic, systems, empowerment, and feminist), which one helps you understand best how groups function?  In 250 – 300 words, discuss your rationale for selecting this theory and the concepts of the theory that make it seem most relevant to your understanding.   Support your comments with a minimum of one reference from scholarly sources

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Discuss Empowerment and Empowerment Theory | Complete Solution
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