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Mental Illness Paper

  • From Psychology, General Psychology
  • Due on 11 Apr, 2021 04:42:00
  • Asked On 11 Apr, 2021 01:44:12
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  1. -Choose people in 2 age categories (10-30 years and 60-80 years) from classmates, Facebook friends, family, coworkers, etc to participate in a survey
  2. -Conduct the survey which consists of only one question: . . . . . .  What words would you use to describe someone who has mental illness?
  3. -Record the data: You will need 25 different vocabulary words from each group.  Start with one person in the 10-30 age group and go down the list until you have collected 25 words; then, repeat for the 60-80 age group.
  4. -Organize the data
    1. Go down through each group’s vocabulary list: place a plus (+) sign in front of the positive words, and a minus (-) sign in front of the negative words
    2. Count up the positive words and then count up the negative words for each group
  5. -Analyze the results by making graph(s).  To review graphs go to: (Links to an external site.)
  6. -Write paper
    • Intro paragraph -- this should be a grabber and make the reader want to read your “compare and contrast” paper on attitudes toward mental illness
    • Transition paragraph
    • Methods (describe how you identified your audience and gathered info)
    • Analysis – compose graph (include n= {number of persons])
    • Discuss results (explain the graph)
    • Share insights – what did you learn from this?
    • Summarize and give implications
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[Solved] Mental Illness Paper

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Choose people in 2 age categories (10-30 years and 60-80 years) from classmates, Facebook friends, family, coworkers, etc to pa...
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