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Psych Disorder Case Study

  • From Psychology, General Psychology
  • Due on 07 Mar, 2021 11:59:00
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General Instructions: Students will choose a diagnostic category and research its symptoms, causes and treatment. They will write a brief report on this research as well as an original case study and treatment plan.

Step One: Select a psychological disorder from one of the chapters covered in class.

  • Mood Disorders (Chapter 5)
  • Anxiety Disorders (Chapter 6)
  • OCD and Trauma Related Disorders (Chapter 7)
  • Dissociative and Somatic Related Disorders (Chapter 8)
  • Schizophrenia and Spectrum Disorders (Chapter 9)
  • Substance Use Disorders (Chapter 10)
  • Eating Disorders (Chapter 11)
  • Disorders of Childhood (Chapter 13)
  • Personality Disorders (Chapter 15)

Step Two: Research the causes, symptoms, and evidence-based treatment of this disorder. Your textbook is the first resource you should use. You should also use reputable websites (at least 2) and at least one scholarly resource (textbook or article) for a total of 4 sources.

Step Three: Write your paper.

  • Title Page
  • Summary of the symptoms, causes, and treatment of the psychological disorder (approximately 2-3 double spaced pages).
  • An original case study (about 1 double spaced page). Your case should read like a story and include:
    • Demographics (examples include age, gender, ethnicity, etc…)
    • Background information (examples include family, relationships, work and/or school any previous mental health history or family history, substance use, etc..)
    • Description of why they are presenting for treatment
    • Symptoms (including when they started and how long they’ve lasted) and how they are impairing the individual
  • Treatment plan for your case study (about ½ page double spaced).
  • Reference page (which should include your 4 references)
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[Solved] Psych Disorder Case Study

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After completing this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Describe the history of mental health professionals: who they are, what they do, and how ...
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