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Java Loop Structure

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Java Programming for a beginner

Java Looping Structures


Please, help me how to create application that generates a quiz, which can be taken by multiple users:

·  Prompt for the user's first and last name, college major, and confidence in test taking (high, medium, or low).

·  The quiz should contain six questions.

·  Each question should be multiple-choice and offer four possible answers, one of them being the correct one.

·  When the user selects the correct answer, a message of positive reinforcement should be displayed.

·  If the user selects the incorrect answer, the correct answer should be displayed with a message of constructive feedback.


*** The application should allow multiple users to take the same quiz when the application runs. At the end of the quiz, display the number of correct and incorrect answers, as well as the percentage of correct responses for each user.


Help me how to Make sure to address users by name, and confirm or deny the correlation between their score and their perceived confidence in test taking. must save the application as


*** Please, help me make sure you use all the skills studied in the course, including proper comments, Scanner or JOptionPane classes, nested looping structures, and all three different loop types (e.g., a sentinel while loop when integrating over multiple users, nested for loop when iterating over the quiz questions, and answers provided for each question).


*** Must include : use of Java Lopping structures, Java Looping selection, code Compilation and Execution and Detail Explanations.

6 Questions :

Q. The values of an object's attributes also are known as its _____.  A: state (a. state b. bytecode c. Complier d. variable

Q. When data cannot be changed after a class is complied, the data is _____. C: constant (a. sector, b. value, c. constant, d. byte

Q. All method declarations contain _____. b: parentheses (a. char b.parentheses c. Method d. int

Q. Which of the following is not a type of if statement? A: nested (a. nested b. reverse if c. loop d. sequence)

Q. A method variable will _____ a class variable with the same name. D: override (a. class b. While c. Public d. override)

Q. A structure that allows repeated execution of a block of statement is a _____. C: loop (a. int b. boolean c. loop d. char)


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