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define group think
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  • Define groupthink.
  • Give 5 ways of avoiding groupthink in any given situation.
  • (10 points for these lists with detailed descriptions.
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Definition of Groupthink and ways of avoiding it in any given situtaion
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Groupthink can be defined as a situation where members of an association are focused on maintaining group cohesion at the expense of critical evaluation of different ideas and perspectives. As a result, the decision-making process of the group is at stake as best practices of rationality and fairness are not put into use. A group with this mentality is characterized by two group dynamics, that is, the in-group and the out-group. Members of the in-group set aside their beliefs as well as moral standings and adopt the majority belief of the group in a bid to promote harmony and cohesion. The members of the out-group, on the other hand, tend to have dissenting opinions whic...
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