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Google Ads and How They are Used


Google Advertising 


            Google uses adds to make money while businesses use the ads for marketing to make money for themselves. There are two types of online advertising. There first is a search ad where a business’s asks to run an ad that is based on what people search. An example of this would be if someone searches churches then a church would want their ad to be there when that I searched. The other form of online ads is the ad that is run in a website about a specific topic that is relevant to what the website is about ( In Forbes they describe the purpose and how AdWords works “The key to how Google AdWords works is the Quality Score. Quality Score is generally how well an ad group, keywords, ad, and landing page relate to what a person is searching for, and how likely someone is to click on the ad” (Quora, 2014). Ads in AdWords is based off of bids and are charged to the Business accordingly. The Formula that is used for ad ranks is “Ad Rank=Quality Score * Bid” (Quora, 2014). This is how the ads are ranked. The issue with how the internet is used is a very fine line and there is growing concern of how much privacy a user has searching the internet. The truth is not much almost if not everything that is searched on the internet is tracked. The issue comes when websites use this to their advantage. If you have spent much time on a phone you know they listen to you. You can be talking with a friend about sunglasses and you get onto Facebook and next thing you know you see ads for sunglasses. You can also see it used to raise prices. Some companies have a system where if you are searching for let’s say a cruise and don’t by a ticket chances are next time you get on to search for that cruise prices have increased. It is almost scary how the advertising works these days and I can almost be certain it is going to get worst. The only way I know to protect against these things is not only turning off settings in both your computer and browser that track/listen to you. You can also use a VPN which is just another layer of protection when it comes to searching and search history. Recently we have also seen browsers who are set up to not track searches ad when an example I know of is DuckDuckGo. There is a reason I will never own a Google product and that is because of how invasive google is just take a look are their phone for an example they promote storing your photos and documents on there servers instead of the phone itself. 


“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” (Psalm 147:5 NIV) 

This verse describes the vastness of Gods knowledge, power, and wisdom. God created everything so anything we can know he already knows and there are an uncountable amount of things we will never know. 



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This discussion board explores the profound searching capabilities that Google has created. This post is based on my thoughts and research about Google and the services they provide for marketing professionals people who utilize the search engine. 


When conducting a Google search, why do some search results appear before others?  Describe in detail the processes that Google uses to prioritize the positioning of search results?  


There are three steps to the Google search process, it may seem simple, but it is but it is a quite complex process. The first step Google uses to better serve the user, is to know each web pages that exist on the internet, since there isn’t a master registry of all web pages, Google constantly has to search for new pages. This process is called crawling. Once a page has been discovered, it is Google’s duty to understand the purpose of the page. This process is referred to as indexing. Google uses the indexing process to store massive amounts of information.  Which leads to the final steps of the Google search process, serving.  When a user types something into the search bar, Google searches their database to provide the user with the most relevant information based on indexing.


Describe Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and AdSense services and how each may benefit a company’s online advertising effort with Google.


The purpose of AdSense is intended for publishers.  It is a highly beneficial tool for professionals that manage websites, blogs, or forums.  Revenue is generated based on the number of views or engagements with the ad.  Google Ads is a program created for advertisers.  If someone wants to advertise products or services on websites or apps, then utilizing Google Ads is a great way to generate profits. 


Explain why there is increasingly concern about potential eavesdropping practices by Google and other companies via Internet-enabled “smart home” devices (e.g.: televisions, assistants, and Wi-Fi networks)?  What preventative measures may be taken by consumers to mitigate “always listening,” hacking, eavesdropping and other surreptitious information gathering conducted by unwanted intruders?


With the rise of “smart home” devices, there is a major concern about the companies who sell these products and how easy they have made it to eavesdrop into conversations that weren’t meant for others to hear especially tailor our ads based on our conversations. There are ways to prevent unwanted eavesdropping through smart devices.  The Amazon Alexa has a way to mute the speaker by pressing the microphone on/off button on the device.  There is also a way to delete the recorded interactions with Alexa through the Amazon Alexa app. This can be accessed in the “settings” portion of the app and “review voice history”.  These are a few ways that I protect myself unwanted intruders. 




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1st) Google Ads and How They are Used COLLAPSE Google Advertising Google uses adds to make money while businesses use the ads for marketing to make money for themselves. There are two types of online adverti...
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