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Individual Project

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  • Due on 23 Apr, 2020 11:29:00
  • Asked On 19 Apr, 2020 09:32:13
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Individual Learning Project Questions

General Information:

Market Information:

Internet Information:

Cash Flow and Retained Earnings:

Footnote Disclosures:

Report of the Independent Auditor(s):

Management’s Report:

Analysis: (use Excel to complete this section)


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[Solved] Individual Project 100% solution

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INDIVIDUAL LEARNING PROJECTQUESTIONS Name_______________________________ Date: General Information: 1. What is the name of your corporation? Apple, Inc. 2. Where are the corporate headquarters? Cupertino, California, United States. 3. What is the corporation’s fiscal year end? Last Saturday of September every year; September 26, 2015. 4. What are the primary products or services of the corporation? Products: Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, iOS, OSx, iWork, iLife, iPad, Apple TV, iPod. Services: iTunes Store, iBook Store, Mac App Store, iOS App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Store, Online Apple Store. 5. Graph the high and low price of the company’s stock for each quarter of the last two years. What was the high and what was the low? 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 2014 $ 78.00 65.42 76.26 68.38 91.32 71.29 100.59 90.19 2015 116.37 93.93 130.58 103.65 130.67 121.99 130.21 102.13 6. Who is the company’s transfer agent and where are they located? Computershare Investor Services, 250 Royall Street, Canton, MA 02021 7. Who are your company’s competitors? Sony, Black Berry, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft are the primary competitors of Apple, Inc. Market Information: 8. On which stock exchange is your corporation’s stock traded? NASDAQ 9. What is the current market price of their stock? $96.29; April 29, 2016 10. What is the ticker symbol used to identify your corporation on the stock exchange? AAPL Internet Information: 11. What is the Internet address of your corporation? Be sure it appears as a hyperlink. 12. Is the corporation’s Annual Report online? Yes. 13. Are its financial statements on-line? Yes. 14. Is your company listed on Yes. 15. How long is your company’s 10-K report at the Securities and Exchange Commission website (Edgar Database)? Company’s 10-K report is on Securities and Exchange Commission website since 12/13/1994. Cash Flow and Retained Earnings: 16. List the amount of cash flows from each of the 3activities: Operating, Investing, and Financing for the 2most recent years. What was the increase or decrease in cash for each of these years? (in millions) 2015 2014 Cash from Operating Activities $81,266 $59,713 Cash from Investing Activities ($56,274) (22,579) Cash from Financing Activities ($17,716) ($37,549) Increase/(Decrease) $7,276 (415) 17. Were there any Non-Cash Investing/Financing Transactions? Describe the type and amount. No there were no any Non-Cash Investing/Financing Transactions. 18. What is the dollar difference between accrual net income and Cash provided by Operations? $27,872 million. 19. What investing activity provided the largest inflow of cash in the current year? Proceeds from sales of marketable securities $107,447 million 20. What investing activity used the largest amount of cash in the current year? Purchases of marketable securities $166,402 million 21. What financing activity provided the largest inflow of cash in the current year? Proceeds from issuance of term debt, net $27,114 million 22. What financing activity used the largest amount of cash in the current year? Repurchase of common stock $35,25...
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