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IT 315 Final Project Part II Milestone One Guidelines and RubricOverview:Throughout the course, you will develop the skills required of a software architect—a role that is in high demand in the software industry. This final project resembles a typical development project of an actual software designer or software architect. You will have the opportunity to apply, practice, and receive feedback on how software systems are designed using object-orientation and Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling.For this assessment, you will assume the role of a consultant tasked with designing a Student Information System (SIS) for a small college that offers both online and face-to-face classes. The SIS should keep track of students’ information and their course registrations. You will be provided with information about the system, its business context, and its requirements. With this information, you will need to design the software system by applying object-oriented techniques and methods and UML modeling.Specifically, this final project is divided into three different parts, which will each be submitted separately. Each part focuseson a different stage in the development process, and will be completed in sequence throughout the course. Additionally, at each stage you will validate and verify your design, explain how you arrived at it, and reflect upon your process and lessons learned. Through the milestones, you will have an opportunity togather feedback first before you submit final versions. The three final project submissions are Part I: Functional Model (first submitted in Module Two then revised and submitted in Module Four),Part II: SIS Structural Model (first submitted in Module Four then revised and submitted in Module Six),and Part III: Behavioral Model (first submitted in Module Six then revised and submitted in Module Eight).Prompt: You, as a software architect, did a good job on the functional model of the SIS. The small college is happy with your functional model and has approved it. The collegewants you to proceed to the next step of the SIS structural model.Based on your SIS functional model, create an SIS structural model consisting of:A class responsibility collaboration (CRC) card for each class in your model(Refer to pages 172–175 in your textbook.)A class diagram(Refer to pages 176–194 in your textbook.)From the SIS functional model, identify the classes of your structural model. You should have between six to nine classes. Using the provided Part II Solution Submission Template (linked in Module Fourof your course), document each class showing its responsibilities, collaborations, attributes, and relationship

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IT 315 Final Project Part II
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