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Social Problems MAPA-5345-011/Social Problems MAPA-5345-010
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Topic – Community Development


  • To learn to find and analyze research to assist in examination of critical social problems.
  • To learn to apply research to the development of responses to critical social problems.
  • To learn and develop skills for writing scholarly papers in the APA style.


  • These papers will be written on an article of your choosing on the assigned topic.
  • Must be from a Peer Reviewed Journal (research).
  • Research* what is considered a “Peer Reviewed Journal”.
  • Article must present a research study with findings applicable to your topic.

*There are several search engines that focus on academic (scholarly) writing –I like “Google Scholar”

Find 5 articles from your research that fit the requirements of the short paper above.

  • You will list the articles in the bibliography of your Short Paper using the appropriate APA style.
  • Select one of these articles about which you write you Short Paper for submission.
  • Follow the Short Paper Instructions in the “Writing Tools” module.


  • 2 pages in length–the goal is to be clear and concise.
  • 1 inch margins –top, bottom, left, and right
  • 5 spacing
  • 11 point
  • Calibri font



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Social Problems MAPA-5345-011/Social Problems MAPA-5345-010
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READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASE:-Community Development • Turner thesis: - new industrial society with cities and no agriculture - industrializatio...
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