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Tarleton State University MAPA-5300: Week 5

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1.     Describe the key features of the three eras/methods of choosing public employees as described in the chapter.

2.          Does the political agenda of the nineteenth century (the 1800's) civil service reformers continue to affect public personnel administration today?  If so, how?

3.     Describe the most important items/concepts that someone following the managerial, political, and legal approaches to PA might focus on with respect to personnel administration. Note where When discussing the managerial approach, be sure to note where traditional managerial and NPM might differ.

4.          Explain "comparable worth." What are the advantages and disadvantages of establishing “comparable worth” to deal with such segregation or discrimination?

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[Solved] Tarleton State University MAPA-5300: Week 5

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READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASE:1) Gentlemen Period -1789-1829 -Hired members from the upper class, high standing in the community and personal integrity - Although not skilled, members brought great prestige to the new government - Politics played a large role, especially when the division between visions of Hamilton and Jefferson came into play. Appointed needed to be politically loyal. - Member stayed in power into old age; Incidents of the posi...
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