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PSYC 420 Reflection

  • From Psychology, General Psychology
  • Due on 17 Jan, 2020 04:50:00
  • Asked On 12 Jan, 2020 03:52:48
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Reflection Instructions


Description: You will reflect on the relationship between psychology and Christianity as you currently perceive it.


Purpose: In this course, you will encounter different ways that people perceive the relationship between psychological science and Christian faith. Often, students launch into course content without thinking about the topic. The purpose of this reflection paper is to allow you to think about the relationship between these two disciplines before discussing how others have approached the topic.



1.      The task is to reflect on the relationship between psychology and Christian faith.

2.      There is no required format/content for the reflection, but if you’re having trouble getting started, you might consider the following ideas:

·         Whether truth can be found in either/both;

·         Whether one is more important and why;

·         How psychology is viewed by your church;

·         Whether they should mix with each other; and/or

·         How your experience has led you to this position.

3.      Although you may discuss how your church background has impacted your perceptions, this is not the place to share your personal conversion testimony.

4.      Make sure that your reflection demonstrates critical thinking; it must not simply be a collection of personal stories.

5.      No citations are necessary for this reflection, but feel free to incorporate Scripture.

6.      You are NOT graded on your position; you ARE graded on your thinking.


Paper format:

·         At least 2 pages, double-spaced.

·         Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1” margins.

·         First person is allowed for this assignment.

·         You must use Microsoft Word.


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[Solved] PSYC 420 Reflection

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The Importance of Scripture The belief and use of Scripture and the Gospel are one of the most common differences between the Christian and psychology worlds. For Christian psychologists, their worldview must be determined by Scripture. ...
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[Solved] PSYC 420 Reflection

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READ BEFORE PURCHASE;Psychology and Christianity are two things in this day and time you would normally not hear together. Considering psychology is associat...
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