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DB unit 3 for Ranjithanp

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Why is America a superpower? 


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[Solved] America as a superpower

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Containment Containment in the cold war comprised of the various strategies that the United States used to regulate the spread of communism. Containment was mainly developed so as to respond to the act of Soviet Union wanting to expand its communist sphere of influence to China, Eastern Europe, Vietnam and Korea. This policy was promoted by George F. Kennan in 1947 who said that communism should be contained and isolated so as to regulate its spread. The policy was then adopted by president, Harry Truman. Through containment central programs such as NATO and nuclear deterrence began whose effect lasted to the end of the war. Containment also led to rising tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States (Pieper, 2012). Domino theory Domino theory was the major cause of containment strategies. It was first proposed by president Harry Truman in 1940s. It states that if a noncommunist state turns to be communist t...
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