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Human Resources Recruitment Methods

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  • Due on 14 Dec, 2019 06:44:00
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Part A

Select 8 recruitment methods and decide the following for each, and present the material in a Microsoft® Word table:


  • Pros and Cons
  • Legal/Employment Law Considerations
  • HR Analytics: Forecasting Tool
  • Rationale for using this recruitment method


Part B

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your findings that include:


  • 5 recommendations for recruiting methods you might present to an organization and utilize the findings from Part A to support the recommendations
  • 3 traits/skills essential to the HR professional and create a straightforward test to screen candidates for these traits/skills
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[Solved] HRM 595 Human Resources Recruitment Methods Week 1

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Human Resources Recruitment Methods Part A Select 8 recruitment methods and decide the following for each, and present the material in a Microsoft® Word table: Table 1 Eight-Recruitment Methods Criteria Internal Hiring Executive Recruiting Internet Employment Agencies Temporary Workers Off shoring Outsourcing Walk-ins Informal Word-of Mouth Pros and Cons Incumbents know the company policies and are acclimated to its culture Less orientation efforts Fits company’s succession planning strategies Use of job postings and intranet Cost effective in terms of no advertising less processes- paperwork Hiring incumbents may not have the future compen- tencies that is necessary Group-think risk Biases (nepotism) Internal politics discourages qualified candidates Rejected incumbents may be disgruntled Lack of diversity Rehiring former employees may be bitter Headhunters seek specialized talent Frees HR to...
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