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Homework Assignment
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Mr. Drunk was interested to know if there is a relationship between the alcohol content and the number of calories in 12-ounce beer (whether if alcohol determines the amount of calories in a beer). To determine if there is one, a random sample was taken of beer’s alcohol content and calories (calories and alcohol content data file). 

  1. By using scatter plot, show if there is a relationship between alcohol content and the calories for the above beer brands. Discuss your outcomes 

    (Note: you should determine your x-axis and y-axis variable respectively. Y axis represent, dependent variable while x axis represents independent variable)

  2. Formulate regression equation to show linear relationship between the two variables. 

    (Remember your regression equation should take the form Y = fn (X). Thus, Y = a + bX + e)  

  3. Use excel to run regression analysis
    (Use Excel’s ToolPak, Regression Analysis)
  4. Interpret the regression outcomes to validate your regression equation, i.e.,
    • Multiple R (Correlation of the regression equation),
    • R squared, as well as
    • Adjusted R squared.
  5. Rewrite your regression model to include coefficients from your regression analysis output and then answer the following question
  6. What is the number of calories when the alcohol content is 6.50%
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Homework Assignment
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QUESTION 1 By using scatter plot, show if there is a relationship between alcohol content an...
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