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buisness ethics
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Topic: Is ethical relativism correct?

Thread: After studying the Reading & Study materials, compose a 500-600 word argument that is objective, carefully-constructed, and free of emotion (and hence it should not contain any exclamation points) in support of your opinion about ethical relativism. First, explain exactly what ethical relativism is. Don’t simply re-state the reading, but provide an explanation of relativism using your own words but also showing that you did the reading and understand the issue. Second, argue either that ethical relativism is true or that it is false, explaining in detail why you think your opinion is correct. You may want to acknowledge some truths on the opposing side. Treat both sides with respect.

Be sure to carefully define your terms. You are encouraged to support your position with rational arguments, fitting examples, and expert sources. Any quotes or information used from sources other than yourself must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and will not count towards the total word count.

You will be penalized for falling short or exceeding the word count. This is a university-level writing assignment and therefore it must be carefully proofread, free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Do not use slang, emoticons, or abbreviations (as if you are texting or sending an email to a friend).

Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1.

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Topic: Is ethical relativism correct?
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Topic: Is ethical relativism ...
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