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Discussion Board Forum #2: Research Article

  • From Psychology, General Psychology
  • Due on 27 Sep, 2019 10:54:00
  • Asked On 26 Sep, 2019 02:58:33
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Read the Research Paper Instructions and Research Paper Rubric. Decide which specific DSM disorder you plan to research for the Research Paper assignment. Go to the LU Online Library and begin researching for your paper, locating one journal article to share with the class. Share your chosen topic with the class and your reasoning behind your interest in the selected topic. Within your post, provide a 150 word summary of one journal article that you are interested in using for your research paper. Provide the journal (full text) as an attachment. Include at least one direct quote from the journal article (not more than 25 words).   (Note that the entire post should be 200-250 words. For this assignment, the direct quote is included in the required word count). All citations should be in APA format.  As per assignment directions and rubric, include a Bible verse and application and an outside source cited in APA format.


Research a specific mental disorder within the realm of Abnormal Psychology. The topic must be one which is discussed in the course textbook and described in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The length of the body of the paper must be at least 7 pages, and must not exceed 10 pages of summarized research findings in current APA format.  All sources used must be scholarly journals. In addition to this, include a current APA-style title page, abstract, and references; these do not count toward the minimum number of pages required. The paper must be organized with sub-headings reflecting the required sections (I–IX).

The research paper will address the following aspects, organized in this order:

*          Title Page: APA-style

*          Abstract: APA-style

I.                    Introduction: Introduce and describe the topic. Discuss the DSM classification for the disorder, including a discussion of the specific criteria as described in the DSM (1/2 page).

II.                 Historical: Describe the disorder in a historical context (how the view of disorder has changed over time, how cause/treatment options have changed, etc). (1 page).

III.              Cause of the Illness: Current research as to the cause of the illness (1 page).

IV.              Treatment: Various treatment approaches for this disorder, including the benefits of the treatment (1 page).

V.                Prevention: Research as to the prevention of the illness (1 page).

VI.              Cross Cultural: Cross-cultural issues pertaining to the topic (1 page).

VII.           Biblical Worldview: Discuss the topic from a Christian worldview perspective, including disorder’s cause, treatment, and prevention. Utilize the Bible and a journal source written from a biblical/theological perspective on the topic (1 page).

VIII.        Conclusion: Include a closing summary of the research, including ideas for future research on the topic (1/2 page).

IX.       References: APA-style. See also References Grading Rubric and instructions.

*          Organize the paper according to directions. Include current APA-style Level 1 sub-titles. Do not use Roman numerals.

*          The use of 3rd person point of view is expected for this type of scholarly research assignment.

*          Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected in writing at this level.

*          Include not more than ½ page of directly quoted material. Directly quoted material in excess of ½ page would not count towards length/content requirements of the paper.

*          Current APA formatting is required.

*          Course textbook is not permitted as a source.

*          All sources must be journal articles dated within the past 10 years.


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[Solved] research journal

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