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"Is God Great" Debate

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Hello World Religions Class,

Below is a video entitled, "Is God Great?" between famous atheist intellectual Christopher Hitchens, and Professor John Lennox of Oxford University.  I would like for you to watch this debate and identify at least two (2) major points/arguments from each perspective and describe them clearly in 2-3 sentences each.  Lastly, I would like for you to identify the debater with whom you agree & disagree with and write at least one (1) paragraph describing why you agreed/disagreed with that particular debater.  Your paper should be organized this way...

1. Debater 1

  • 1st Major Point: 2-3 sentences
  • 2nd Major Point: 2-3 sentences

2. Debater 2

  • 1st Major Point: 2-3 sentences
  • 2nd Major Point: 2-3 sentences

3. Agree (One Paragraph describing why; at least 3 sentences)

4. Disagree (One Paragraph describing why; at least 3 sentences) 

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[Solved] "Is God Great" Debate

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Hello World Religions Class, Below is a video entitled, "Is God Great?" between famous atheist intellectual Christopher Hitchens, and Professor John Lennox of Oxford University. I would like for you to watch this debat...
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