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Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies

  • From Education, Curriculum for Diversity
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Assignment: Course Project: Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies

The Assignment for this module is an assessment of your diversity proficiencies. As local, state, national, and global communities continue to reflect increasing diversity, it is essential for effective leaders of learning to routinely assure active and effective responsiveness to the diverse needs represented. In the context of this course, active and effective responsiveness often takes the form of individuals pursuing constructive action to change ideas and attitudes through leadership, advocacy, policy, and law. To assist you in this process, your Walden University program has included diversity proficiencies to guide your development. For this Course Project, you must successfully demonstrate personal development and connection of your learning in this course about leadership, advocacy, policy, and law to each of the Walden Diversity Proficiencies, as well as the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)’s Advanced Role Content Standards 1a, 1b, and 5a.

To prepare:

·         Review all Learning Resources for this module.

·         Review the Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies Guidelines.

·         Ask yourself the following: How have the concepts, resources, and activities of this course influenced my learning so that I might support the creation of educational opportunities that adapt to diverse learners and remove barriers that inhibit learning for students with diverse learning needs?

·         Think about examples from your educational and professional experiences that you can use to demonstrate your knowledge of the key diversity proficiencies. How might those experiences support the fact that you are a leader and advocate who is able to create educational opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners and that remove barriers that inhibit learning?

The components of your Module 6 Assignment are as follows: however, review the “Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies Guidelines” document in the Learning Resources for more details.

Section 1: Introduction (2–3 pages)

Interpret how EACH of the following course concepts support the creation of educational opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners and remove barriers that inhibit learning:

·         Leadership

·         Advocacy

·         Policy

·         Law

Section 2: Diversity Professional Development (9–12 slides plus title and reference slides inserted into the final paper)

Create a professional development presentation to inform the staff in your school building or district regarding how to meet the needs of learners from diverse backgrounds.

Using evidence based practices and course resources, create a PowerPoint presentation (a minimum of 3 or 4 slides on each topic) to inform your staff of ways to better meet the needs of diverse students. At least one of your slides must discuss technology. Your professional development should specifically address each of the three following Walden Diversity Proficiencies:

  • Understanding the Learner
  • Learning Environment
  • Planning, Instruction, and Assessment

   Section 3: Diversity Self-Reflection (3–4 pages)

Write a self-reflection paper that addresses the final two Walden Diversity Dispositions:

·         Awareness of Self

·         Professional Practice

Also, reference the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Standards, what you learned from the working with the Case Study of Jamal from the Grand City Community (West Ridge Middle School) , and Walden’s Mission and Vision Statement to help support your reflection.

·         Reflection Component 1: Using the bulleted points on Walden’s Diversity Proficiencies, personally reflect on your knowledge and skills for the “Awareness of Self” and “Professional Practice” indicators. Cite at least one relevant, research-based reading or media element to support this component.

·         Reflection Component 2: Connect your personal reflection, to course content, including the Case Study, CEC standards, and Walden’s mission for Social Change. Cite at least one relevant, research-based reading or media element to support each of these components.

Your final document must include the following:

·         Title Page

·         Section1: 2–3 pages

·         Section 2: 3–4 pages

·         Reference pages

Note: For this Assignment and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style (6th edition). Please use the Walden Writing Center as a resource as you complete assignments.

Required Readings

Council for Exceptional Children. (2012). CEC special education specialist advanced preparation standards. Retrieved from

DeMatthews, D. (2014). Deconstructing systems of segregation: Leadership challenges in an urban school. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 17(1), 17–31

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

This article gives a case study of a principal in an urban school who was charged with a directive to raise test scores and increase inclusion in a building with a history of segregation.

Document: Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies Guidelines (PDF)

Document: SMART Goals Graphic (PDF)

Document: Walden Diversity Proficiencies (PDF)

Document: Walden Professional Dispositions (PDF)

Walden University (2015). Social change. Retrieved from


Grand City Community

·         Laureate Education (Producer). (2012b). The teacher’s lounge [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Go to the Grand City Community and click into West Ridge Middle School. Review the following scenario: The Teacher’s Lounge.

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[Solved] Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies

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What is diversity? Diversity is described as the state of being diverse or a range of different things (n.d). When thinking on diversity and its definition I often wonder how diverse the world is and how does diversity affect the way...
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