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Research Paper: Reference Page

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Research Paper: Reference Page Instructions

You will submit a reference page in current APA format for your Research Paper. In addition to the textbook and the Bible, your reference page must contain at least 6 scholarly sources, 4 of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles. For the 4 peer-reviewed journal articles, 2 of these must support/use Behavioral Learning Theory and 2 must support/use Cognitive Learning Theory. Remaining sources must address educational implications, historical context, and/or biblical worldview topics related to Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Theories. At least 4 of the sources (the peer-reviewed journal articles) must have been published within the last 10 years. Popular writing and web pages are NOT acceptable sources for this paper.



Developing the Reference Page

Although the reference page is one of the last things included in the organization of your paper, finding your sources is one of the first things you must do to write a research paper.


Review a current APA style guide in order to ensure your outline and citations are correctly formatted. If you are having particular trouble with current APA formatting, visit one of these helpful resources available to Liberty University Online students: Liberty’s Online Writing Center or


Finding Appropriate Sources

Familiarize yourself with the basic information surrounding your topic by accessing the Liberty University Library Research Portal. When you are searching for resources, think of several surrounding issues and several synonyms for those issues. Then enter various combinations of those terms into the research database. You can follow a number of links found within the Liberty University Research Portal to access multiple research guides and tutorials to assist you in your search. If you need further assistance, click here for resources that will help guide you as you navigate through the Liberty University Online Library. Additionally, you may use the “Ask a Librarian” service by filling out the e-Form found here.

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[Solved] Research Paper: Reference Page

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1. Mcfalls, E., & Cobb-Roberts, D. (2001). Reduc...
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