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Week 4 Assignment - Inferences from Research Hypothesis
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Week 4 Assignment - Inferences from Research Hypothesis



  • Download the 'Exercise 2 Data' file.
  • Open the Dataset file and answer the following questions:


  1. Construct cross tabulation (row: gender, column: Revisit Intention) and explain the key point information.

  2. For Question 1, state your research hypothesis and test it using Chi-square. Explain the result of the Chi-square test.

  3. If you think perceived service quality can be different by gender, state your research hypothesis and test the hypothesis using t-test. In addition, provide the means of service quality by gender. Explain the result of the t-test.

  4. Assumed: there was a renovation work at your restaurant. You asked your customers about atmospherics (evaluation about atmospheric quality) before the renovation (variable: Atmospheric) and after the renovation (variable: Atmospheric 2). Please compare the atmospherics before and after the renovation using t-test and explain the result.



Save your SPSS file with your work and submit it.

Please see the excel data sheet below. If any references are used please acknowledge them in the assignment. 

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Week 4 assignment
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