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Week 4 Case Study - Franchise Restaurant

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  • Due on 06 Jul, 2019 10:29:00
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This case study provides an opportunity for you to connect your weekly learning to real-world business situations. It will also help to develop your problem-solving skills.


A Franchise Restaurant, Lafayette, has maintained three vegetable suppliers. The firm reported information about what it has purchased last few weeks from the suppliers as follows:

Bonner, Enz, and Walker are the names of the three suppliers.

Numbers are prices per unit.

Units are in $

Items                    Bonner     Enz      Walker

Vegetable 1          0.61         1.25       1.11

Vegetable 1          0.89         1.19       0.99

Vegetable 1          0.49         1.36       0.84

Vegetable 2         0.81           1.42      1.75

Vegetable 2          1.21          1.39     1.65

Vegetable 2          1.05          1.29     1.69

Vegetable 3          2.88          1.25     1.75

Vegetable 3          0.99          1.23     1.62

Vegetable 3          1.99           1.47    1.81


1- Using ANOVA, t-tests, and descriptive statistics, you are expected to provide the answers to the following questions. 

Enter data into EXCEL (with variable names) and read the data using SPSS and provide the means of the following tables (provide your EXCEL Data file and SPSS results for the means).


Items     Bonner    Enz    Walker       

Vegetable 1

Vegetable 2

Vegetable 3

2.  Compare the mean prices of items from the three suppliers and answer to questions: 
a) whether means statistically differ among three suppliers and 
b) whether means statistically differ by the categories of vegetables. (ANOVA and Post-Hoc tests)

3. Are price differences due to suppliers or items or both? Explain the situation related to the prices by suppliers and items and also explain the joint effect. In addition, provide the plot (horizontal: items and separate lines: suppliers).


Save your answers in a Word file and submit it. You will also submit your supporting Excel and SPSS files.

Note: If using references please note them after the assignment. Thank you

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