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CIS 210 Assignment 2: Use Cases
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Prepare a 5-6 page paper in which you:

  • Describe (in a one to two (1-2) page narrative) a use case, complete with typical and alternate courses, that documents the event of a bank customer withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • Illustrate the use case using Visio or a similar product.
  • Describe (in a one to two (1-2) page narrative) a use case dependency for making an account deposit. Illustrate this use case with Visio or a similar product.
  • Describe (in a one to two (1-2) page narrative) a use case dependency for making an account transfer. Illustrate this use case with Visio or a similar product.
  • Identify and explain at least one (1) ethical issue that the use case exposes in connection with the development or use of the ATM system.
  • Research and cite at least three (3) authoritative academic sources.
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CIS 210 Assignment 2: Use Cases
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Use cases to support an ATM service Student name Professor’s name Course title Date Institution Introduction A withdrawal, deposit, transfer or an inquiry transaction provide the specific features for the given type of transaction. However, the flow of events is common for all of these transactions. A use case begins within a session when a customer selects a transaction type from a list of options. The ATM machine asks the customer to provide the necessary details such as the account and the figure amount. These details are relayed to the bank system for verification. Upon verification and approval, the transaction is conducted and receipt printed. The customer is prompted to select whether to make another transaction (Hay, 2011). Use Cases for ATM System Withdrawal Transaction Use Case A withdrawal operation requires the client to pick a type of account to withdraw from (e.g. saving, checking) from a list of possible accounts, and to pick an amount from a list of withdrawal amounts. The system confirms that it has enough money to for the withdrawal request before implementing the transaction to the bank. (If it cannot satisfy the request, an alert message of insufficient amount informs the customer and asks to key in a different amount.) If this transaction gets an approval from the bank, the machine dispenses the exact amount of cash before issuing a receipt. (The ATM's log keeps a record of the transaction that occurred. The customer can also cancel an operation by pressing the Cancel key before selecting the amount option as once the option is selected the transaction cannot rollback. This use case gives a description of how a customer uses a bank ATM machine to withdraw cash from a bank account. The Preconditions for this use case include, • The customer must have a valid bank ATM card and a working PIN. • The ATM machine must have an active network connection with the Bank System. • The ATM machine must have at some money to dispense to customers • The cash withdrawal option must be present. Post-conditions: The customer gets the amount that he wanted to withdraw as well as a receipt showing the details of the transaction. I...
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