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  1. Your team is consulting with a local manufacturing company that has 1,200 employees and is the third largest employer in the area. When averaging all of the manufacturing employees' salary divided by the market midpoint, the organization has a 0.90 compa ratio, meaning that on average employees earn 90% of the market rate. Using the current sales and profit trend, the company has the ability to increase compensation spending by 4% annually for the next three years.


    Your firm has been asked to propose an approach for management to consider:

    • adding a team incentive plan such as profit sharing or individual incentive plan based on individual performance
    • what is it, advantages, disadvantages of incentive
  2. Create a 2- to 3 -slide Microsoft® PowerPoint
  3. Include speaker notes on each slide that script what would be said if this information were to be presented in person.
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Performance Presentation
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Assignment Content Your team is consulting with a local manufacturing company that h...
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