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Referring to a FITNESS AND APPREAL COMPANY write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. Conduct a feasibility analysis in which you research:
    1. Industry and Market Feasibility
    2. Product or Service Feasibility
    3. Financial Feasibility
    4. Entrepreneurial Readiness
  2. Based on your assessment, does the business idea need to be modified, changed significantly, or abandoned?
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Feasibility analysis of Jbavinwares
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FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Title Date Feasibility analysis of Jbavinwares.inc Company Introduction Business feasibility analysis, in most cases is used to be in command of processes that identify opportunity and problems, it also establish goals of the business, solution descriptions, differentials of successful outcomes from unsuccessful one’s, and lastly it has an impact in assessing the assortment of costs that the organization is associated with at all areas. The decision making is also supported in the business feasibility study; this is because it caters on the cost analysis process of the project viability or the actual business. The right time when the feasibility process of the business is conducted, it is during the deliberation phase of the develop business cycle, that specifically is prior to instigation of a recognized business plan. Basically it is the important analytical tool that in most cases it consists of decision making when shaping, if by any chance the business concept is feasible. JbavinWares.Inc is an online retailer; it has some aspects that have to be considered for its success to be at high level. (Wang, Head & Archer, 2002) Industry and Market Feasibility The right chain of the stakeholders of the JbavinWares.Inc business, might come up with the right choices of the factors that will determine the flow of cash in the business in a positive, or plans that will help to stimulate generation of sales in JbavinWares.Inc company, only after they have fully identify the factors of the business environment that will have impacts on the company’s activities and how it operates. According to JbavinWares.Inc the company’s aspects that is based on the internal milieu are, the business procedures and pol...
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