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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words each

  • What is human resources management, and why is it important to organizational success? Give examples.
  • Employment Law: Name and explain 2 employment laws and why they are important.
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Human Resources Management and it's importance to organizational success
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Human resource management describes the management and development of employees in an organization. Human resource management entails the supervision of everything related to the organization’s human capital It focuses on the major areas of recruiting, selecting and engaging staff, facilitating orientation for the employees on workplace policies and procedures. Human resources handles decisions on salaries, allowances and benefits for the staff and conducts training for staff development and motivation. It ensures employee safety and welfare and that proper relations are maintained between employees and their trade unions in accordance with the labor laws of the country. In detail, human resource management involves: • Handling current employee issues. These include salaries, allowances and benefits, pension plans, training and development. Any conflicts between employees and their managers are settled by the HR department. • Recruitment of new employees: The human resource management team engages potential employees, supervises the hiring process such as background checks, and provides new employee orientation. • Control of the employee separation process: There is a specific set of tasks that the HR management team must complete if an employee is terminated, quits, or is laid off. Benefits must be settled and severance pay negotiated. Access to company resources must be disengaged through the return of keys, badges, and sensitive materials by the employee. Legal documents must be signed and completed properly. • Improving morale: Effective HR management teams encourage employees to perform t...
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