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ECON Week 6 Primary Report
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Develop a comparative analysis of the growth patterns and growth strategies of India and China, bringing in the question as to whether or not democracy and demographics will give India an edge. The resources on the Required Readings list should give you a good foundation for this report, which should be of approximately three pages in length.


Notes to tutor:

APA format, size 12 font, Times New Roman, three pages (cover sheet and references do not count but need to be included)

Required readings do not need to be references, this just provides you the tutor an idea of what was covered during this week.

Required Readings:

  • Diversity Amid Globalization: Chapter 12 (South Asia)
  • Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs. (2015). U.S. Relations With India. U.S. Department of State.
  • Matsumura, M. (2016). Democracy as Economic Strategy India's Strength over China.Carnegie Council - Policy innovations.
  • Fox, J. (2015). Why 'The Population Bomb' Bombed. Bloomberg, View.
    Copyright permission applied for.
  • Zhong, R. (2016). India's Economic Growth May Have Already Peaked, RBI Paper Says. Wall Street Journal.
    Copyright permission applied for.

Recommended Readings

  • World Bank. (2016). Urbanization Reviews. World Bank.
    (Note: Urbanization is a global population megatrend worth noting. Globalization appears to accelerate urbanization. Scan the World Bank Review for India, and keep the link handy for China and Africa in the coming weeks.)
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