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Week 8 Assignment
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Create a spreadsheet that includes a list of the students.


a) Import the data from the spreadsheet to the table student; you need to create a query (Week8-del-students) to Delete the existing records.


b) Link the spreadsheet. Create a report from the linked spreadsheet.


2) You are going to create the following queries

List the content of each table using condition (criteria) of your choice, you MUST explain each condition


You are going to add your name (Lewis Ministrelli) as student too,

Try to use criteria (condition) for the following (explain each condition)


Create at least one update query

Create at least one insert query

Create at least one delete query


Create a query and use it in a report to show the schedule of courses

Create a query and use it in a report to the list of students per class

Create a query and use it in a report to list the courses per instructor


3) Create a form with a custom navigation buttons (command button) to open each form and report.

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