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Statistics Review
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These terms include (i) population vs. sample; (ii) parameter vs. statistic; and (iii) margin of error (and how to apply it to determine the range of values –

Know the types of sampling methods (e.g., random, simple random, systematic, convenience, stratified, and cluster).

Know the difference between an observational study versus an experimental one (and related terminology, like retrospective, cross-section, prospective/longitudinal, treatment group vs control group, and placebo).

(i) qualitative/categorical vs. quantitative; (ii) continuous vs. discrete; and (iii) the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio). The questions you will be asked will be fill-in-the-blank.

Know how to convert a number between scientific notation and standard notation

Given a graphical/pictorial representation of data (e.g., histogram, stem-and-leaf, frequency polygon, ogive, pie chart, and so on), be prepared to answer a question or two that will demonstrate your understanding of the picture/chart

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Statistics review
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The following information is available in detail with examples T(i) population vs. sample (ii) parameter vs. statistic (iii) The margin of error (and how to apply it to determine the range of values – (iv) The types of sampling methods (e.g....
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