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Discussion Board Post Help Alcohol Abuse
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Alcohol abuse continues to be the most serious drug problem on college campuses throughout the United States. Every year, drinking kills more than 1,700 students and injures about 500,000 more; it is also a factor in 600,000 assaults and 100,000 rapes on college campuses. Enzyme-mediated metabolic pathways break down the toxic ethanol in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol kills liver cells and interferes with normal metabolic processes. Long-term heavy drinking causes alcoholic hepatitis, inflammation and destruction of liver tissue, and cirrhosis. Cirrhosis prevents the liver from removing drugs and other toxins from the blood, so they accumulate in the brain where they impair mental functioning and alter personality. Restricted blood flow through the liver increases susceptibility to diabetes, liver cancer and death.


Important Concepts from Chapter 3:

  • Introduction: Ethyl Alcohol Liver cells detoxify most of the alcohol a person drinks, but in the long run this process may lead to alcohol-related hepatitis and cirrhosis. Long term heavy use also damages memory, reflexes, and other functions. Binge drinking can stop the heart.
  • Section 3.13: Metabolism Series of enzymatic reactions in cells (metabolism) help cells acquire and use energy as they build, break down, or remodel organic molecules. Metabolism requires enzymes. Each kind of enzyme recognizes specific reactants, or substrates, and alters them in a specific way. Each enzyme functions best in a particular range of conditions that reflect the environment in which it evolved. Metabolic pathways can involve thousands of molecules and be quite complex.



1. Visit WebMD to find out about 12 health risks of chronic heavy drinking.

2. Visit to read about the effects of alcohol on the body:

3. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to find the Alcohol-Related Disease Impact (ARDI) for your area.

4. Research what the Bible has to say about drinking.

5. References should be provided in initial thread and replies.


Prompt: Briefly describe three health risks and/or negative physical effects of heavy drinking.  Is it a sin for a Christian to drink excessively? Why or why not (provide Biblical references)?

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Explanaion of the negaive effects of heavy drinking and he Bible scriptures on Heavy Drinking
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Heavy drinking differs across men and women; it involves taking excessive alcohol that causes one to become unconscious or even circum to death. It is currently the third leading cause of preventable death. Negative risks Unintentional injuries: Heavy drinking causes accidental injuries, for instance, those involved in Binge drinking consume a large volume of alcohol, during this process, the level of tolerance reduces leading to a high possibility of getting ...
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