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HIUS 221 American History Opposing Viewpoints Research Project: Part III – Research Paper

  • From History, US Culture and History
  • Due on 28 Feb, 2019 10:37:00
  • Asked On 28 Feb, 2019 03:47:10
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The topic I chose for this was the Boston Massacre and the project needs to be on "Could the Boston Massacre Have Been Prevented?" 


American History Opposing Viewpoints Research Project: Part III Instructions


Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”

The ability to perform solid research is a key to success in academics and professional life, but communicating that research in a clear and concise manner is equally as important. This part of the assignment provides you with the opportunity to develop writing skills—specifically in the areas of organization and use of proper grammar, mechanics, and style—and to show your ability to use sources with integrity.


Completing This Assignment:

For the topic selected in Module/Week 2 of the course and utilized again in Module/Week 4, you will complete in the actual body content at least an 800 word 3-page paper that presents the research conducted during the term.

The paper must be well organized and developed and provide a concise examination of the subject.

Utilizing the sources from Module/Week 4 that were closely connected to your original topic choice from Module/Week 2 give an extended paper overview of the event? Discuss your own arguments. Include opposing viewpoints you discovered in your research. As a result, did your opinions change? How?

Citations must conform to current Turabian citation style with properly formatted footnotes and bibliography for the 3 or more scholarly sources you use.

The title page and reference page do not count towards the total page count.

When you are finished, your assignment must be:

In a Microsoft Word (or compatible) document

Formatted, including:

12-point Times New Roman font


1-inch margins

Page numbers placed at the bottom center of each page of text (not including the title page)

Proofread carefully to ensure it is written in scholarly language with no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors and conforms to the standards of mechanics and style expected at the university level

You must use the template for the assignment provided in Assignment site.


Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.


Template is attached below 

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[Solved] HIUS 221 American History Opposing Viewpoints Research Project: Part III – Research Paper

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The fight began following a c...
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