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case study 2 Peter Parker Complete solutions correct answers for final exam for personal training

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Case study 2 Peter Parker
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Client name Peter Parker Age 28 Gender Male Resting heart rate 80bpm Height 6’4” Weight 252lb Body fat % 29% BMR 2215 BMI 30.67 Using the Karvonen Formula: Peter’s target heart rate at 60% is 147, at 80% it would be 170bpm. Client Background and Goals: *Works full time. *Had some experience training in college. *He’s not very active and does not maintain a healthy diet. *He wants to lose weight, tone his body, and live a healthy lifestyle. My professional responsibilities as a trainer: *Understanding who they are, what they do, what lifestyle they live, and their daily responsibilities. *Build a relationship with my client to improve effectiveness and make them feel comfortable. *Be confident in my abilities to lead and motivate the client. *Show sincerity, integrity, and enthusiasm. *Maintain professionalism and never get involved with my clients. 1. During our initial meeting I will go over my fees and also explain what training program I will create for him. I will give him a choice on whether he wants to commit to this program for one or three months. When we agree on a time commitment, I will ask him to fill out a health history questionnaire and also have his doctor or physician clear him for physical activity. Next during our follow up meeting, I will review his health questionnaire and have him sign a lia...
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