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Five grant funding foundations that assist seniors
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This is for my HLTH 491 Grantsmaship class. I attend Liberty University.

I need a list of five (5) foundations that are good options to request a grant for a "hypothetical" grant proposal. Approximately 2 double spaced pages in length.

     The grant I need funding for will be to provide free lawn maintenance to seniors citizens in my community.

    Seniors suffer a greater risk of falls due to limited mobility, are at greater risk from stress related illnesses such as heat stroke and dehydration. Additionally, many seniors have a limited or set income and are unable to pay for lawn maintenance.

     The five grant foundations selected will need to specifically address the needs of the elderly.

                                        This is the assignment:

     Identify five (5) potential Grant Maker suitors using the Foundation Center Directory. You MUST USE the Foundation Center Directory.     

     The Foundation Center gives you data access to 10,000 possible Grant Makers. The university provides access to the Foundation Center Directory by clicking the link on the Jerry Falwell Library Database page: http://www.liberty.edu/library/databases/?s=15 

     Rank them based on your belief of successful funding probability.

     Provide your reasoning for choosing them and why you ranked them    1–5, include copies of their “Profiles”,  from the Foundation Center’s website. These “Profiles” need to show the following seven (7) critical items:

1.     Grant Maker Type

2.     Limitations

3.     Types of Support

4.     Geographical Focus

5.     Field of Interest

6.     Purpose & Activities

7.     Dollar Range of Past Award



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Five grant funding foundations that assist seniors
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The issue articulation tends to a task's general mission or re...
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