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HIEU 201 Discussion Board Forum 2 Module 5

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Topic: Art

For details on requirements, source citation, grading, and point distribution, please read the Discussion Board Forum Instructions document, and the Discussion Board Forum Grading Rubric, located in the Module 5 Assignment folder.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed many elements of civilization, and you’ve had opportunity to consider other elements as you read and study. This week, we will look at the visual elements of a civilization, focusing on the artwork from Greece, Byzantium, Kiev, and Medieval Europe.

Art can tell us much about a civilization, from what it values, social constraints, and even typical clothing, to its state and the peace or prosperity of the region. Generally speaking, it is not until a civilization moves out of beauty. 

From the following list, pick two works of art to consider, each from a different period, and compare/contrast their styles and depictions. Your initial thread should have a clear thesis statement and should respond to the following aspects:

Comparison/Contrast: What significant similarities/differences do you see between the two works?

Historical analysis: What can each piece tell you about the civilization that created it?

Biblical Evaluation: While not all art is originally intended for the worship of the true God, how can we, as Christians, view art from a Godly perspective? Consider I Cor. 10:31. How does this verse apply to viewing these works? 

Must be 300-400 word count. 

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