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case study 10-4 performance management
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Possible illegal discrimination at tractors, Inc.

As the new human resource manager, you have been asked to identify those areas of current performance management system that could face legal challenge. Develop a one page summantion,  the currentsystem identifying the potentially illegal aspect of the current system and your suggestion for making the current system more legally sound.

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case study 10-4 performance management
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CAPACITY MANAGEMENT One common interpretation of capacity management is described in the ITIL framework. ITIL version 3 views capacity management as comprising three sub-processes: business capacity management, service capacity management, and component capacity management (known as resource capacity management in ITIL version 2). Capacity management's primary goal is to ensure that information technology resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner. As the usage of IT services change and functionality evolves, the amount of central processing units (CPUs), memory and storage to ...
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