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This is your chance to make a difference in the company (not to mention your own career). Write your proposal as a memo that the entire C-suite will review. Include at least these points, in your own words, to be persuasive: WRITE A MEMO IN 4 PAGES


1. Identify the main functions of your proposed information system and why they are important to the business. 2. Describe what types of data your information system will hold and how data quality will be ensured.  3. Explain how the old information system handles the functions you mentioned, the problems that occur, and why your information system will handle things better.  4. Offer evidence of feasibility: Show that similar information systems have been built successfully and that they save more money than they cost.


The executives are busy, so keep your memo to 1-4 pages and avoid any extraneous content.

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[Solved] The CEO’s Challenge

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Identify the main functions of your proposed information system and why they are important to the business There are many different types of information systems. For example, a database management system (DBMS) is a combination of software and data that makes it possible to organize and analyze data. DBMS software is typically not designed to work with a specific organization or a particular type of analysis. An information system (IS) is an organized system for the collection, organization, storage, and communication of information. Most specifically, it is the study of interconnected networks that people and organizations use to collect, filter, and process, create and distribute data. Computer hardware and software are the main components of information systems telecommunications, databases and data warehouses, human resources, and procedures. Many organizations work with innumerable of data. Data are fundamental values or facts and are organized in a database. Therefore, the purpose of an information system is to turn raw data into useful information that can be used for decision making in an organization. An information system is primarily made up of five components hardware, software, database, network and people. These five components integrate to perform input, process, output, feedback, and control. The equipment consists of input/output device, processor, operating system and media devices. Main functions of the Information system Information systems are essential for conducting day-to-day business operations. The service industries, such as finance cannot operate properly without the information systems. The ability of the organization to use IT is becoming intertwined with the firm's ability to implement corporate strategy. Business invests heavily in information systems to achieve six strategic business objectives: Operational excellence: Efficiency, productivity, and improved changes in business practices and management behavior New products, services, and business models: The new  business model describes how the company will produce, delivers, and sells a product or se...
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