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Data Management
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Data Management system
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The database management system is defined as the system that contains the collection of the data that is interrelated and makes the data easy to be accessed, managed and updated. So DBMS is contained of the specified program that helps to access the data. It helps to create, manipulate and define the database and also cures the protection and security. Various DBMS are being used named as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Servers and Microsoft Access. MySQL is abbreviated as the Structured Query Language that was first implemented in the IBM’s system and describes the factors of it such as creation and manipulation of the data in the relational databases. Various number of data types are supported by MySQL few of them are characterized as “numeric data types”, “date and time data types”, “string data types” and “spatial types”. It supports all the numeric data types of standard SQL. Like INTEGER (keyword INT is used), DECIMAL (keywords are DEC, FIXED) AND NUMERIC (keywords used FLOAT, REAL.. etc). For double precision the keyword DOUBLE is used that is a nonstandard extension. The floating point type acquires the space of four bytes for the s...
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