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BSBCUS403 Implement customer service

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Activity 4.

1. why is customer feedback important? Discuss in 150-180 words.



2. Describe how customer feedback should be shared and discussed in 180-200 words.




3. describe what should happen to feedback date adter it has been collected in 180-200words.



Activity 5.

1. place the following steps in the problem resolution process in their correct order:

A.     Analyse alternative solutions and make a choice

B.     Generate ad many alternative solutions as possible.

C.     Analyse the gap between current and desired situation and identify the reasons/ causes of the problem

D.     Implement the solution.

E.     Identify and define the problem.

F.      Monitor and evaluate the solution.

G.    Gather data which can be analysed to give reliable, relevant, valid and timely information related to the problem and possible solutions.





2. briefly describe each of the solution generation methods in the table.





The nominal group method


The Delphi techniques


Quality circles





Activity 6.

1. identify 10 strategies that can be used to communicate workforce information.


2. place the steps that should be observed when creating documents in their correct order:

a)     Drafting the document

b)     Drawing up and proofreading the final copy

c)     Collecting and organising all relevant information

d)     Proofreading and editing the document

e)     Planning the document




Activity 7.

1. why is it important for organisations to aim to meet quality standards 100% of the time?




2. Go to standards Australia website and complete the following:

a)     Identify five benefits of standards




b) Are standards legally binding?




Activity 8.

Why is it important that teams are manageable size? (30-50 words)




Activity 9.

What resources might you require in order to deliver high levels of customer service? (approx 50 words)




Summative assessment 1.

Question 1.

Choose two similar product/ services and write a short report to present to a customer.

Outline the details/ comparison for each, including :

·       Features

·       Benefits

·       Associated services

·       Advantages

·       Disadvantages and possible alternatives or variations




Question 2.

What rights and responsibilities do consumer have? 50-100 words





Under what legislation are consumer rights protected? Give at least three examples




Question 4.

Explain what is meant by a good customer service model? 50-100 words



Question 5.

 What are customer service standards? Approx. 50 words




Question 6.

What procedures and standards should be used when establishing and maintaining customer service relationships? 50-100words




Summatrive assessment 2.

Project 2.

Choose an organisation you are familiar with and complete the following activites,

1.     Describe the organisation’s business. What does it do?

2.     Who are its customers?

3.     Create a set of customer service standards that could be used by the organisation or access the organisation’s existing customer service standard and evaluate then, making suggestions for improvement and rewriting and poor quality standards.

4.     What does the organisation  do with regards to continuous improvement processes?

5.     How does the organisation encourage its staff to deliver consistently high customer service?

6.     Hows does the organisation gather feedback from its customer? Design a feedback form or customer service survey that could be used by the organisation to gather feedback from its customer or evaluate an existing feedback document.

7.     How does the organisation handle complaints? Whar is their complaints handling policy/ procedure?

8.     How does the organisatuon communicate adjustment in service delivery to employees?

9.     What quality assurance procedures does the organisation use?

10.  Do employees work in teams? How teams structured?

11.  Do staff feel they are given the resources required to deliever excellent customer service. Explain

12.  Using the information you have gathered and knowledge gained from course content, write a 500 evaluation of the organisation’s customer service performance.

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[Solved] BSBCUS403 Implement customer service

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Activity 4. 1. why is customer feedback important? Discuss in 150...
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