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software-development methodology

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Which software-development methodology would be best if an organization needed to develop a software tool for a small group of users in the marketing department? Why? Which implementation methodology should they use? Why? Give an example of a company who uses specific software for marketing. Write a two-page APA paper, using research-based responses.

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[Solved] Software Development Methodology Technics

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Software Development Methodology Technics A software development methodology is a method which explains how we perform to create a framework that which we used to plan, design the structure and control the way of developing an information system. There are many development methodologies that the companies they use now a days for digital marketing. The best software development methodology is Agile Software Development. There are number of Agile Software development methodologies, they are Crystal methods, Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development model (DSDM). Agile software development is a concept of creating the framework for the undertaking projects and developing as their requirements. Mainly, Identification of required software and analysis ...
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