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research on Nicholas Carr (the author of “IT Doesn’t Matter”)
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Do some independent research on Nicholas Carr (the author of “IT Doesn’t Matter”) and explain his current position on the ability of IT to provide competitive advantage. Do you agree or disagree with Carr’s position? Support your stance with credible research. Your response should be a 1-2 page APA paper.

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Research on Nicholas Carr
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I would first like to say Nicholas Carr does not believe IT doesn’t matter, I think he believes that in many ways the investments to improve information technologies in the present is not as profitable as many are led to believe. I think he titled his thesis to invoke emotion and controversy and he largely succeeded. I do agree with the arguments proposed by Nicholas Carr in which IT no longer gives companies a competitive advantage. I base this decision on the notion that IT in the present is not scarce but ubiquitous....
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