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Real Estate Financial projection plan Finances numbers
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HI I need a Real Estate financial projections plan ideas and will buy any solutions available. Real Estate related to. I need a plan with numbers

  1. Financial statement numbers to show if whethere your business plan can get up and running successfully numbers
  2. The source and use of funds statement is a document that lays out specifically how much money a firm needs where the money will come from, and what the money will be used for.
  3. Assumption sheet is an explanation of the most critical assumptions that your financial statement are based on.  Some based on general information and no specific sources
  4. The pro forma (or projected) financial statems are the heart of the financial section of a business plan
  5. pro forma income statement reflects the projected results of the operations for a firm for a given period of time.
  6. Nets sales consist of total sales minus  allowances for returned on goods and discounts
  7. cost of good sold includes all direct cost associated with producing or delivering
  8. operating expenses include marketing, utilities and administrative cost not directly related to producing a product or service.
  9. constatnt ratio method of forecasting which expense itmes are the same rate as sales
  10. Pro forma balance sheet is a projection of a firm assets, liabilities and owners equity at a specific point in time
  11. current assets include cash plus itmes that areadily converible to cash
  12. fixed asssets are assets used over a long time frame
  13. current liabilities include obligation that are payable with a year
  14. long term liabilities includes nots or loads  that are repayblable beyond one year.
  15. owners equity is the equity invested in the business by owner
  16. working capital assets minus its current liabilites
  17. current ratio which equals its of liquid current assets divided by its projected current liabilities
  18. debt ratio is computed by dividing its total debts by its total assets.
  19. cash flow provide an indication of whether a firm will be able to maintian a sufficient cash blanace to get up and running successfully
  20. Operating activies include net income or loss, depreciation and changes in current assets and current liabilitiesother than cash
  21. investing activies include the purchase, sales or investment in fixed such as real estate, equipment and buildings
  22. financing activites include cash raised dring the period by borrowing money, markingpayments of loans or paying dividends.
  23. ratio analysisfirms historical or proforma fianancial statement
  24. profitability rations compareincome earned against the resources used to generate it
  25. liquidity ratio measure relationship between a compnany short term assts and its short term liabilities
  26. overall fiancial stability ratios measure the overall fianancial stability of a firm.


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Real Estate Financial projection plan Finances numbers
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he profits in the real estate industry via del...
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Real Estate Financial projection plan Finances numbers
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The profits in the real estate indu...
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