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Real Estate Marketing plan
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HI I need a Real Estate marketing and will buy any solutions available. Real Estate related to

  1. introduction-how firm will actually find customers and close sales.
  2. Marketing Strategy- approach to marketing its products and services stated in all broad terms, which forms the basis of all of its marketing-related activities.
  3. Position- is concerned with how a firm is situated relative to its rivals. In a sense, a position is the part of a specific target market that a firm is claiming for its own.
  4. Points of differentiation- You should also clearly articulate your specific points of differentiation early inthe marketing plan section fo your business plan
  5. A product attribute map is created by articulating two of a product's most important attributes, one on the x-axis of the map and the other ont he y-axis.
  6. pricing strategy- explain how you plan to price your product or service.
  7. cost-based pricing- the price is determined by adding a markup percentage to a product's cost.
  8. valued-based pricing- the list price is determined by estimating what consumers are willing to pay for a product and then backing off a bit to provide a cushion.
  9. price-quality attribution-when looking at hthe prce of a product.
  10. Sales process- refers to the steps it goes through to establish relationship with customers and close sales. Prospect for or gather sales leads, Make the initial contact. Qualify the lead. Make the sales presentation, Meet objections and concerns. Close the sale. Follow up
  11. promotion mix-tactics use to communicate with potential customers
  12. advertising- is making people aware fo a product it hopes of persuading them to buy it.
  13. public relations- establish amd maintain a company's image with the public.
  14. Other promotions- related activities- many other activities can help a firm promot and sell its products. Create a buzz
  15. Distribution and slaes- encompasses all the activities that move firm's product from its place of origin to the consumer.
  16. distribution and sales alternatives- think carefully first about where people in your target market shop, and then the most effective and economical ways to get your products some shelf space in other outlets.
  17. sales strategy and related issues- if you decide to employ sales personnel, you should describe how many slaespeople you will initially need, how thier numbers will be ramped up as your company grows, and how they will be compensated.
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