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Budgetary Planning and Control
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  1. Why is effective budgeting critical to a company's success?
  2. What is a flexible budget?
  3. What types of organizations might use flexible budgets?
  4. Why are flexible budgets useful?
  5. What are variances and why do these occur?
  6. What factors would you consider when deciding whether to investigate a variance?
  7. Why is it important for management to understand how a budget is prepared?
  8. What is a balanced scorecard?
  9. What are the four scorecard perspectives identified and the objectives of each?
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budgetary control and planning
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1.why effective budgeting is critical to a company success ...proper budgeting help a business to track their financial record which enables strategic,long term planning for everything from operation cost to potential business expansion. 2.flexible budgeting is an estimated financ...
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Budgetary Planning and Control
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Why is effective budgeting critical to a company's...
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