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IT 625 Final Project Case Study: Medical Informatics

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Conflict Resolution Plan

A. Team Dynamics: Analyze the team structure, dynamics, and conflict. Things to consider include:

    1. The roles and titles, reporting structure, and history of the team

   2. Stage of the five-stage team development model this team is in (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning)

   3. Cause of conflict

   4. Skills the team is lacking based on their roles

B. Conflict Resolution Leadership: Recommend appropriate leadership strategies to resolve the conflict within the team. Consider the following:

   1. Leadership style for current stage of the team development (guiding, coaching, structuring, directing)

   2. How to determine appropriate skills (soft and hard) for each role

   3. A strategy to employ to resolve the conflict (assertiveness, accommodation, avoidance, or compromise)

C. Motivation and Confidence: Recommend strategies for motivating and strengthening that will allow you to develop a cohesive information technology team that will deliver high-performance results and add business value. Provide support for your recommendations.

 II. Project Evaluation

   A. Status Evaluation: Evaluate the project status to determine the current state of and issues with the project. You may need to evaluate the existing deliverable and tracking for the project, such as Gantt charts, to provide an accurate representation of the project’s state.

   B. Project Analysis: Examine the existing artifacts and determine current and potential problems that need to be addressed with them immediately. What information should be gathered to determine current variance and maintain control of project? You might consider these ideas in your analysis:

       1. The impact of scope creep

       2. The significance of the baseline

       3. The impacts of baseline changes

       4. The estimated vs. actual costs

C. Forecasting: Assuming the project issues persist, provide a detailed prediction of future performance in terms of timeliness and costs. The following ideas could be considered:

   1. Assumptions that guide the forecasting

   2. Projected end date of the project (schedule variance)

   3. Cost to complete the project (cost variance)

   4. Forecasted overrun at completion (estimates at completion)

D. Impact of the Past: To what extent, based on your project evaluation and analyses, did the past deliverables, strategies, and lack of effective project management influence the failure of the project?

 E. Corrective Actions: To what extent will corrective actions be required to avoid project failure? Include supportive detail from your project evaluation and relevant resources. Things to consider include:

   1. Immediate actions necessary to rescue the project

   2. Target dates to rescue the project

   3. Necessary steps to ensure the long-term success of the project

III. Project Charter

 A. Project Objectives: Determine new project objectives based on an examination of company goals, needs, the project analysis, and corrective action requirements.

 B. Project Strategy: Establish a general project strategy that will outline the overall path to the new project objectives and lead to successful completion, based on organizational and feasibility considerations. As you are developing your strategy, consider aspects such as:

   1. The existing problem (description, impact, who is affected, cost of ignoring the problem)

   2. The strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment

   3. The opportunities and threats in the external environment

   4. The best solution to the problem (feasibility study, alternatives)

   5. The project payback period

   6. The selection model

C. Project Communications Planning: Document who to keep informed about the project and how to keep them informed. Ideas to consider may include:

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[Solved] IT 625 Final Project Case Study: Medical Informatics

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Hello, I would be much interested t...
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[Solved] Wellness vendor 39 pages

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Introduction Medicinal Informatics is a clearinghouse for information on medicines. They ingest medicinal information from on location facilities and in addition from outsider sellers. The information is united and the data is then given to Medical Informatics form of report analytics. Medical Informatics is a pioneer in the respective mar...
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