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why evolution is true 10 page critque and personal reflection

  • From Philosophy, General Philosophy
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Term Draft Paper

APA style  Focus on the reflections of the understanding of what evolution is and  what it is not. Include personal journey of discovery related to concept of evolution. Philosophical, theological,and sociological reflections, 

demonstrartion of a scientific understanding of evolution critique andevaluaute ideas presented in the book using scientific understanding of the process of evolution.



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[Solved] Why evolution is true

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Why Evolution Is True Name Institution Why Evolution Is True Introduction The story of evolution has transformed my thinking since it indicates how various creatures in the world came into existence. Additionally, the ideologies of various scientists such Charles Darwin has helped me in comprehending the story behind evolution together with different principles associated with it. Moreover, I project evolution to be a resourceful topic since it shows us how our place in the entire splendid and strange panoply of life. Additionally, the topic is essential since it unites us with various present creatures on earth and the extinct ones such the dinosaurs. Furthermore, I believe that evolution is true following the different chronological accounts provided by various scientists such as Charles Darwin. I always accord Charles Darwin the respect he deserves in the narrative of evolution since he gives the best accounts of various stages of the phenomenon and how they affected the creation of various living things. Equally, he belonged to the second group of evolutionists and expressed the beauty of evolution in the famous final paragraph of his material. I saw the book effective since it narrates how the power of evolution has led to the existence and extinction of some creatures in the world. For instance, the book explains how the dinosaurs and other previous living things have ended in the world due to natural causes or forces. Additionally, I believe evolution is true since the material Why evolution is True concentrated on different themes of evolution such as natural selection, which explains better how some organism is not found in individual continents in the world. For instance, through the science of natural selections, people can understand why animals like pumas are found in America and Africa but are not in Africa. Moreover, I firmly believe that Darwin theory that explains that life is a product of evolution and the evolutionary process was mainly affected by natural selection. Additionally, through the Darwin principle, I strongly believe that natural selection is the primary ideology behind evolution. Moreover, I concur with his principles since the natural selection process led to the development of survival tactics in the world. The material is credible since it cites different theories such as the Darwin theory, which gives a clear chronological account of the story of creation. Additionally, the book gathers an array of evidence from different parts of the world such as Africa, America, and Europe to make the reader comprehend the history behind evolution. I believe evolution is true since some evolutionists such as Charles Darwin have given credible evidence that depicts how living things evolved from various substances on earth. Chapter Reflection According to my understanding, living things evolved from different elements in the world such as particles and coral Leafs. However, I concur with the first chapter that organisms transformed over time due to the changes in the heritable physical or behavioral traits. Thus, I assume the transformations allowed living things to adapt various environments in the world. Thus, I consider the story credible since it shows how human beings originated from the apes family. Additionally, I love to hear how people once shared a niche with the apes. Nevertheless, it is clear that through adoptions, they evolved and became better beings than the apes. Additionally, I always perceive them the same since they share some characteristics such as the working style. I consider the natural selection as one of the best analogies used to describe the evolution narrative in the worlds. For example, l adore the ideology since it divides the evolution story into different disciplines such as paleontology, geology, genetics, and development biology. Mostly, I applaud Charles Darwin for demonstrating how evolution story true since he incorporates the analogies of various creation scientists to explains his points. Hence, this indicates how credible his story is since it does not attract several judgments from other authors in the world. Through my understanding, all life on earth is connected and related to each other. Therefore, the diversity of lives is because of alterations of the populations through the process of natural selection. I comprehend that natural selection is the primary reason for creatures to develop different characteristics that will favor them to acclimatize in particular regions of the world (Coyne, 2009). For instance, natural selection led to the distribution of creatures to various parts of the world. Thus, it is evident learn that through the theory that there are animals that are extinct in some areas of the world. Moreover, that is the primary reason why there are lions in Africa mostly the savanna parts, and the creatures are not found i...
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[Solved] why evolution is true 10 page

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