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Psychology and Christian Life Seminar
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From the start of this course, we have emphasized the importance of research in shaping our understanding of human behavior and mental process. Several major studies and social psychology concepts were discussed throughout this chapter. If a local church asked you to present 3 research studies or concepts from this chapter as part of a “Psychology and Christian Life Seminar,” which 3 would you pick and why? Come up with your top 3 and discuss why you selected them. Also, highlight how each one might be of value to Christians and/or the church. For your discussion thread, discuss the following:

  • Identify your top 3 studies/concepts, using citations from the textbook as you describe.
  • Discuss why you think they are most important to living.
  • Discuss how each study is consistent/inconsistent with a biblical worldview, as well as how it might be of value to Christians in the real world.

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