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western civilization hittites and assyrians
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compare and contrast the military and political structure between the hittites and the assyrians. what were the strengths and weaknesses of each ? and what caused their collapse


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Hittites and the Assyrians
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Western Civilization 1 Student’s name Lecturer’s name Course title Date of submission Compare and contrast the military and political structure of the Hittites and the Assyrians. What were the strengths and weaknesses of each? What caused their collapse?  In line of the political structure of the Hittite, the government was regarded as the first constitutional monarchy. The existence of the Pankus that was a congregation of the noblemen had the key function of monitoring all activities performed by the kings in relation to the Hittites decrees that provided the power to eliminate and inaugurate appropriate kings. The Hittites had some extensive records as well as correspondence that were preserved on the clay tablets; hence these records presented detailed information regarding the Hittites diplomacy along with politics. This information as well connected two main events in the antiquity which was the sacking of the legendary city Troy from the Iliad and the death of Egyptian boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen. On the other hand, the military structure of the Hittites was structured into foot troops who extensively used the powerful curved bows and arrows which were bronze tipped to attack their enemies. The kind of existing artwo...
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