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Capital Budgeting
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Greg has been referred to you by a mutual friend and he has asked you to analyze his situation and assist him with his decision. Among the things he has asked you to do are:

1.         Using the information included in this case, calculate the future incremental after tax operating cash flows for both projects.

2.         Evaluate both alternatives using appropriate capital budgeting decision criteria.

3.         Prepare a letter explaining the analysis you performed, including; how you calculated the cash flows; what capital budgeting methods you used, why they are important, and what they tell you; and a recommendation to Greg of whether or not he should move forward on the project and if yes, which kiln he should buy and why. Use the writing rubric included with the case when writing the letter.



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Capital Budgeting
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Explanation 3 The capital budgeting technique used for analysing which kiln to purchase, is popularly named as Discounted Cash flow technique. Under this all relevant cash flow relating to a project is identified and the present value of cash inflows is compared with the present value of the cash outflows to arrive at the investing decision. It is important to use the Discounted Cash Flow method simply because it takes into account time value of ...
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